About us

Ferry Agent is the leading logistics company in the region for the transport of goods between Serbia and the UK. 

Ferry Agent, a leader in transport and logistics in international transport, specializes in road transport with the UK. 

Our company is focused on the UK market in which it has been operating since it was founded. With 15 years of experience, Ferry Agent provides superior service to its customers.

Our success is based on an extensive distribution network that provides pickup of shipments daily, with very fast and efficient distribution to the end customer. We provide our clients with daily departures to Serbia and further to the Balkan region.

Services in the field of road transport include the organization of transport of groupage, partial as well as full truck loads, transport of all types of goods, customs brokerage, insurance, as well as packaging of goods.

Respecting all the requirements of our clients, our professional staff provides top-quality service in road transport.

Our network for the transport of Groupage, LTL, and FTL shipments always provides an adequate solution that will meet all your requirements. Ferry Agent provides daily departures to Serbia with the possibility of picking up shipments daily, with a very fast delivery time (from 5 to 7 days).

Our customs brokers will help you to successfully and efficiently navigate through complicated customs procedures, whether it is for import or export, to avoid additional costs or delays.

Ferry Agent covers all stages of the supply chain - from supplier to the end customer. We provide our clients with daily delivery of goods from the United Kingdom and, through our distribution center in Belgrade to all parts of the Balkan region: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and the territory of Kosovo.

Export to the UK
In addition to import, we also organize the export of goods to the UK. We provide departures three times a week, with direct shipment of goods to customers in the UK.

As a result of many years of work in the British market, Ferry Agent has become a proud member of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Another confirmation of quality comes from the domestic Chamber of Commerce - Ferry Agent is enrolled in the club of successful small and medium enterprises in Serbia.

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